Julia: This name appears everywhere from Shakespeare to the saints. .


Even More Spanish Girl Names to Consider Orlanda – A femme form of the Spanish name Orlando, meaning “famous in the land” Rafiela – A Spanish femme form of.

. Other Spanish girl names that rank particularly highly in states with a large Hispanic and Latin American population – such as New Mexico, Texas, California and Arizona – include Aitana, Ariana, Amaya, Andrea, Esperanza, Liliana, Maria, Selena and Xiomara. Liana offers a range of origins and meanings.

Hanna: Meaning “happiness” or “ flower ”.

. 7 Lucia. Julia: This name appears everywhere from Shakespeare to the saints.

. This list of Spanish girl names with a religious meaning includes unusual choices such as Aracely and Milagros, as well as some names, such as Mercedes and.

With tons of names depicting serene imagery or giving you and baby a sense of hope, Spanish girl names will have your heart singing in no time.

Hanna: Meaning “happiness” or “ flower ”.

Gender Boy Girl Both. Abelardo Breathing.

Zara — Blooming flower; "God remembers"--Additional reporting by Johanna Ferreira and Charlotte Kho. .

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321 Spanish girl names.

Valentina — “Strength, health”. 1-40 of 588 results Sort by: Name Gender. May 9, 2023 · Bone Health and Osteoporosis.

. Freddi: Gaining in popularity as a girl’s name, Freddi means “the peaceful ruler”. . Liana is a variation of the Hebrew name Eliana, which means “my Lord responded. One who loves God.


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