Step into Geneviève’s shoes as she recalls her adventures in Ticket to Paradise.

Agung Pindha.

Losi: Nom Gunadi. .



. . Losi: Nom Gunadi.


. Paul: Real name: Lucas Bravo: Age: 35 years old (in 2023) Profession: Actor: Nationality: French: Known for: Famous for starring in “Smart Ass 2014”. .

Ticket to Paradise is proving to be one of those movies that was generally panned by critics but loved by audiences. .


Rainbow Patron (uncredited) Larry Schultz.

Ticket to Paradise - Full Cast & Crew. Dewi: Agung Pindha.

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Here is a guide to who the cast behind this romantic comedy is and their characters.
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Their pilot on the flight to Bali turns out to be Paul, Georgia's boyfriend, who arranged to work this flight, and returns to visit Georgia in Bali a few days later as a surprise.

When one finds love with a local boy and makes plans to elope, her divorced.


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. Oct 21, 2022 · Ticket to Paradise: Directed by Ol Parker. X. . .

Komang: Ilma Nurfauziah.

Ticket to Paradise winds up being Paul in film form: ever-so-earnest, light on wit, trying too hard. Joining them are Kaitlyn Dever, Billie Lourd (Star.

Lucas Bravo as Paul: Lucas Bravo plays Georgia's.

Portraying Georgia's younger boyfriend Paul in "Ticket to Paradise" and a relative unknown until now, Lucas Bravo has one of the smaller filmographies in the cast.

Ketut: Ida Pandita Putu Wirata.


Wayan: Ifa Barry.